Who We Are

The team at MAEVIS consists of a diverse number of customer focused people who are passionate about quality care and the delivery of positive, customer focussed outcomes for people requiring aged care and disability services.

The MAEVIS team believes that the support of organisations in the complex delivery of aged care and disability services requires multifaceted, individualised approaches that are customer driven, those that manage risk and those that are truly sustainable within the ever changing environment of legislative requirements and customer driven models of care.

We also believe that analysis of critical incidents, quality measures, program evaluation and implementing evidence based initiatives are integral to improving care and services.

Our diverse nature and tailored approaches to our work results in members of the MAEVIS team being specifically assigned to specialised roles as our work demands change in accordance to our customer needs and preferences. This keeps our team fresh, innovative and thinking outside the square whilst working in partnership with providers of aged care and disability services.

Many of our team also work simultaneously in aged care, acute and disability services, education and academic environments which enables the MAEVIS team to deliver advanced levels of experience.

Michele Chandler

Dr Michele Chandler


PhD, Master of Nursing (Hons), Bachelor of Nursing

Clinical Nurse Consultant, Senior Nurse Advisor, Critical Incident Investigator, Behaviour Support Practitioner, Clinical Governance Consultant

Lyn Irwin

Dr Lyn Irwin


PhD, Registered Nurse, Master of Letters, Bachelor of Arts, Associate Diploma Nurse Education

Clinical Nurse Consultant, Lead Researcher and Data Analyst, Policy Development & Legislative Compliance