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MAEVIS Group - Meeting the Standards - Quality & Compliance Support

Meeting the Standards: Quality & Compliance Support

Understanding legislative requirements, compliance with the aged care Standards, managing accreditation and implementing evidence into quality-based approaches, are all elements embedded within the quality support and services that MAEVIS Group…
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Translating evidence into practice

Translating evidence into practice

One of the many issues facing advancement in the quality of practice is how to translate what we know is the best practice into everyday delivery of services. The average…
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Incident Management - MAEVIS Group

Incident management

Our team at MAEVIS are the go-to consultants for critical incident management, expertise and providing guidance for root cause analysis when things go wrong. We support you in understanding contributing factors…
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Welcome to MAEVIS Group
Welcome to MAEVIS Group

Who We Are

The team at MAEVIS consists of a diverse number of customer focused people who are passionate about quality care and the delivery of positive, customer focussed outcomes for people requiring aged care and disability services.

The MAEVIS team believes that the support of organisations in the complex delivery of aged care and disability services requires multifaceted, individualised approaches that are customer driven, those that manage risk and those that are truly sustainable within the ever changing environment of legislative requirements and customer driven models of care.

The MAEVIS team consists of:

  • Clinical nurse consultants
  • Senior nurse advisors
  • Critical incident specialists
  • Root cause analysis specialists
  • Risk management specialists
  • Clinical governance specialists
  • Accreditation specialists
  • Standards specialists
  • Expert witness specialists
  • Specialising in negligence
  • Specialising in Coroner’s proceedings
  • Research specialists
  • Evidence-based practice specialists

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